If I could #askAlistair a question in the next TV debate

This (short) post has been provoked by a friend of mine who got in touch today and asked me what question I would put to Alistair Darling if the BBC had selected me to take part in the upcoming TV debate. There are, of course, dozens of questions that I would like to ask, so what follows is not an extensive list, and is also influenced by the context in which the questioning would take place:

1. Mr Darling, can you lay out your positive vision for how Scotland can become a better country right now, without resorting to scare tactics, negative campaigning or personal attacks on Alex Salmond?

2. Mr Darling, given that the UK government covered up the McCrone report 30 years ago, which clearly stated that Scotland could use the oil that had been discovered to become a hugely rich and successful country, why should we trust the unionist campaign this time?

3. Mr Darling, in 2002 Iain Duncan Smith (whose party you are now campaigning alongside) was literally brought to tears by the devastating poverty and deprivation that he saw in Easterhouse – do you believe that you could look the residents of that very street in the eye and tell them that what they have right now is proof of us being “Better Together” ?


Please feel free to add the question you would like to #AskAlistair in the comments below, and use the hashtag if you are sharing this post on Twitter or Facebook.


9 thoughts on “If I could #askAlistair a question in the next TV debate

  1. A simple question for Mr Darling. We know that your plan A is for Scotland to share the pound in the UK. What is your plan B if the people of Scotland decide to vote for Independence>

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  2. Mr Darling.
    Can you give the definition of what better together & best of both worlds mean. When we are living in a country of food-banks, sanctions, rising utility bills, forced unfair working labour for the unemployed on the so called (unfair)work-fair scheme.
    My definition of better together & best of both worlds are for only the well-off & rich.


  3. Dear Alistair,

    I have suffered from insomnia for many years and was wondering recently if you would be in a position to offer some help?
    Given the amount of lies you pedal on behalf of your cronies in Westminister, I must ask you – How do you sleep?



  4. Mr Darling.
    During the last televised debate, you confirmed to a member of the audience that you have an address in Scotland.
    How many times have you flipped this..?


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